"A school does not exist to send out men and women solely to play a p艺术 in life whereby they achieve a competence and honourable life of useful work, 但它的存在是为了传递给子孙后代和他们自己的一代, men and women who by their character shall leave the society in which they live, 因为他们的存在而更好,因此世界更接近王国."

Dr. 美国瓦茨

sunbet官网开户登录哈潘登教堂是在雷夫. Cecil 格兰特, to use his own words, "migrated" to the town in 1906 from Keswick in the Lake District. He was Headmaster of Keswick School which had been re-established in l898 after a lapse of many years, 作为男女同校的寄宿学校. Mr. 格兰特 became increasingly frustrated by local criticism and the interference of the recently established local education authority. 他还想要一所有自己礼拜堂的学校. 格兰特在哈潘登发现了由牧师建造的空置建筑. R. H. 从1887年起,它被用作一所寄宿学校,容纳100名男孩. 教堂是在1891年增加的, and the swimming pool in 1894: a frighteningly fashionable development for the time. 然而,Revd Wix的事业没有得到回报,学校也倒闭了. 父母和朋友的支持,更多的是善意,而不是经济上的支持, 格兰特牧师成立了男女同校的公立学校信托基金. 和夫人. 格兰特带着大部分教职员工和许多学生搬到了圣. 乔治大学正好赶上1907年春季学期的开始.

在Keswick, Mr. 格兰特 made co-education the cornerstone of a school where children could live in an atmosphere closely related to family life and based on Christian principles. Whole families were encouraged to join the school - at times even 3 and 4 year olds were enrolled, anticipating the 21st century fashion in education for so-called “through schools”. 孩子们, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the early entrants have followed family tradition over the years.

The first Head Girl wrote in later life: "We moved to the strange land of the South. We missed our excursions to the island, and our lake picnics (Lake Derwent Water). 而不是去爬山,去泡茶, 人们沿着绿色车道骑自行车, 经过肥沃的玉米地,进入可爱的村庄, sunbet平台登录很享受有时的震惊, 但总是引人关注, of the Hertfordshire folk who looked upon us no doubt as interesting specimens from the queer educational school up the road."

At the beginning of the 20th century, a co-educational independent boarding school was almost unique. 它是由一些非传统的, 聪明伶俐的父母, 通常来自新兴的商业中产阶级. Almost all students boarded, from homes as far afield as the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. The careers of these children reflected this diversity of origins, talents and interests. 古格鲁吉亚人在学术界有自己的一席之地, 医学, 金融, 教会, 国家和殖民地服务局, 武装部队, 艺术, 音乐和广播.

人数迅速增加,第一年几乎翻了一番. 钱和地方总是供不应求. By creating new shares in the Company; it was possible to buy the freehold of the school for £14,000 in 1910. 在刘先生的合作下. E. C. 贾维斯, 一个年轻的建筑商在哈潘登创业, 设计了一个建筑方案, 这种感觉似乎从未停止过, and which most recently saw the construction of the 体育运动s Centre by the same 贾维斯 company. 第一次世界大战后,哈潘登扩展为一个宿舍小镇. 乔治的, although an independent school was the only 'grammar' type school available. 增加了新的教室,扩大了宿舍和家庭设施. 礼拜堂增加了一个扩大的中殿, 和修道院, 部分由学生和工作人员建造, 献给在一战中牺牲的19个老男孩. 一个蒙台梭利单位于1917年开放. 当奥. 格兰特 retired in 1936 a letter signed by eminent men and women of the day appeared in The Times:

他的工作. 格兰特在妻子的有力协助下, has been little short of remarkable; generations to come will profit from this magnificent pioneering work."

Dr. A. H. 瓦茨先生是第二任校长. 格兰特. 他是一位鼓舞人心的英语老师. 接管了男孩们的游戏, 他的兴趣, enthusiasm and encouragement must have been a contributing factor to the success of the lst XV unbeaten from 1934-1937, and victors in the first Public Schoolboys Seven-a-Side Competition in 1939: a victory we have been trying and failing to emulate ever since. The Parent 工作人员 Association had its beginning just before the War, and it was Dr. 他带领学校度过了最黑暗的岁月. Some of the ex-members of the Junior School and the 孩子们's House (as the Montessori unit had become), 被疏散到德文郡, 在那里,孩子们经常把功课放在一边,帮助收割庄稼. 位于, the school was reorganised with dormitories on the ground floor and the swimming pool was drained and fitted up as an air-raid shelter. 在收获季节,学生们也提供了帮助. 工作人员和学生们加入了消防队、家庭卫队和红十字会. 有人说,“有了勇气和勤奋的典范,Dr. 和夫人. 美国瓦茨, the loyalty and devotion of the staff brought the school through the trials and difficulties of the War years. 他们不动声色的坚持和不灭的乐趣,克服了一切困难."

在这所学校的历史上独一无二的是博士的任命. 1946年,瓦茨在学校教堂担任牧师. 一年后,他退休了,成为格洛斯特郡的一名教区牧师.

1947年,一位前圣. 乔治的学生. G. T. 休斯,成为校长. 1950年,奥巴马当选总统. P. M. S. 盖奇,一个丰富多彩的人物,被许多古格鲁吉亚人亲切地记住. 在接下来的几年里,学校发展得相当顺利. 进行了改进, 扩建现有楼宇, 1957年庆祝了五十周年庆典, 大会堂于1958年开放.

By the 1960s state schools were rapidly improving and many private schools found it difficult to provide facilities for specialised and technical subjects. St. 乔治的 was no exception, having few endowments and lacking the backing of a wealthy company. 经过几个月的探索之后, the Governors applied to Hertfordshire County Council for Voluntary Aided status. 这使得学校能够保持对招生和校风的控制, 同时从政府获得资金. 这一地位是1967年由国务部长授予的. Henceforth pupils were to be admitted at 11 and would be of Grammar School ability. New buildings were promised to bring the school up to the standard required for a three-form entry, 历史上第一次,圣. 乔治的医院将有全套的专科病房.

不久之后. H. J. 梅多斯接替了特朗普. Gedge在1970年, decisions by local and central government meant that the 3 secondary schools in 哈 became all-ability five-form entry schools. 这就需要在圣. 乔治的. 人数从1968年的不到500人增加到1980年的800人. 经过13年几乎不间断的计划,奥巴马终于成功了. 梅多斯见过圣. 乔治的 change from a small private establishment to a Voluntary Aided five-form entry co-educational all-ability school with boarding facilities. 的Revd. Ian Ogilvie于1984年成为校长,1988年由Mr. 诺曼•霍尔. Mr Hoare saw the school through a period of incredibly rapid change in educational thinking and organisation at national and local level, GCSE考试, 国家课程, 专科学籍, 以及学院转换. 而圣. 乔治中学经历了快速的教育变革, 它保留了自己独特的气质, 结果有所改善,并继续每年超额认购. 2007年,这所学校迎来了百年校庆,安妮公主到访, 扩展到6种进入形式, and a multi-million pound building development: the last likely for a while given the credit crunch and cuts in government capital spending.

Numbers currently stand at 1381 the academic 六年级 accommodating nearly 400, 可容纳133人. In 2013, 雷·麦戈文先生接替霍尔先生担任校长, who had completed 25 years’ service and who could be viewed as the father of the modern school in the same way as Rev. 格兰特是它的创始力量.

After four successful years Mr McGovern moved to take up another Headship in Wales, 由他的一位副校长海伦·巴顿小姐代替, 谁在2017年成为了学校的第一位校长.

现在,在2023年,Dr. 美国瓦茨' words still ring true: "A school does not exist to send out men and women solely to play a p艺术 in life whereby they achieve a competence and honourable life of useful work, 但它的存在是为了传递给子孙后代和他们自己的一代, men and women who by their character shall leave the society in which they live, 因为他们的存在而更好,因此世界更接近王国."